Welcome to DRT SHRT, a family owned and operated screen printing, embroidery and
commercial product business. We specialize in bringing your ideas to life. Whether it’s for
business, needing shirts for your school, sports team, or family reunion, we got you covered! We
have over thousands of different promotional items to choose from as well as hundreds of shirts,
pants, hats and more to custom fit to what you want to wear.
Brothers Rex and Travis Riches started this business because they wanted to help others promote
their business in a creative and fun way. In their experience, other screen printing businesses
were hard to get a hold of, had high rates and wouldn’t allow smaller orders. So we came up with
DRT SHRT to help the big guys, but also help the little guys who just want a couple of items.
Our motto is simple, as you can tell by our name there is no “I” because it’s all about you!